Workshops + Weekends

+ Yoga + Anatomy for Healthy Knees *Live Streaming*
Saturday, OCT 24, 2020 from 2:00-4:00 PM PDT

It’s important to keep your knees strong and healthy so that your mobility doesn’t deteriorate as you grow older. We often take the health of our knees for granted, not noticing there’s a problem until everyday activities like squatting, kneeling, or walking downhill or down stairs become painful. 
In Yoga + Anatomy for Healthy Knees we’ll learn about the mechanics and structure of your knees. We’ll explore how to build better stability, strength, alignment and range of motion in the knees, and how healthy ankles, feet, and hips are essential to knee health. We’ll explore some essential anatomy, too! 
Recommended props: A chair; hand towel; mat; wall space; block; tennis or therapy ball; 2 blankets; strap or tie. A video replay is available for 1 month following the live workshop.
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